Weird Experiences, Meaningless thoughts, Deja Vu

How much of what we experience do we actually experience. How can we say for sure we are all truly lucid all the time in everything we do? These questions were brought to mind recently by a dream I had. I don’t dream often. In fact I rarely dream. Or suffice to say if I do dream, I rarely remember them. To me sleeping is just falling into darkness. A peaceful relaxing darkness. No thought. Just emptiness. But on the days I do dream. I find that my dreams are so full of meaning. I wish I was a lucid dreamer. I person that is essentially dreaming and is aware that they are in a dream. I find the whole concept fascinating. Being aware in your dream. How much of it would then be in your control? Since your mind is capable of thinking about nearly anything is the level of control in your dream also limitless? Sometimes when I come up with ideas, create scenarios, or back stories in my head they come to me strong. Like an endless tirade of information downloading into my brain. Creativity. Is it really all impulse and heat of the moment? Or is it really a deeper planned organized thought that takes place within your subconscious? Also for as far back as I can remember there are times, places, situations where I am hit with a feeling of such extreme deja vu that I swear I had been in that exact situation before. I know other people experience deja vu as well. I just wonder sometimes why my experiences seem so much more vivid and exact than others. Most likely its just something my mind comes up with. As a kid I remember I used to think I had this super power of sorts. A power where I could seemingly read into the future. Obviously as I’ve grown older I’ve all but dismissed the whole idea. What would be really interesting is that throughout my life I had for a few seconds at a time seen bits and pieces of different things. Things so small and insignificant that my brain didn’t really process. Or so I thought. Humans apparently only use a very small portion of their brain. Imagine if you could understand and think about everything you see, smell, taste,and feel all at once. Imagine if your mind could comprehend such things and even make perfect replicas of any situation in your mind and store them as memory. So if your brain really is that powerful but we are aware of only the small part we do use, what happens to the other parts? Maybe from the minute we’re born the brain stores everything and anything around us. Or if not everything maybe jumbled bits and pieces. Maybe our subconscious over time takes these pieces and creates events, ideas, and the like for you depending on who you are. So many interesting things to think about.

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